BRF is proud to join the Ma’antech Project to jump a natural process of integration of Israeli Arabs in hi-tech.

The Ma’antech coalition is the only project led by hi-tech industry CEOs for increased vocational variety. Israeli hi-tech is looking for high-quality human capital in order to continue growing, and there is a great deal of untapped potential amongst Israeli Arabs.

The goal of Ma’antech, founded by the President of Israel together with Cisco Systems in 2010, is to jump-start a natural process of integration of Israeli Arabs in hi-tech by supporting both employers and candidates in the recruiting process.

The target group comprises Arab students and engineers from the world of technology who have not yet become part of hi-tech.

The project includes high-quality identification of engineers and students, assessment meetings, individual and group interview preparation, technological preparation as necessary, as well as in-job vocational diversity workshops.

Ma’antech website: