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The powerful software developed by Easson allows users to output the measuring results to general CAD software such as AUTOCAD, MASTERCAM and etc^ or users can directly input the DXF file to the software for comparing. The electronic system of the EV series is a small and it uses the news PCI counter card and light controlling card developed by Easson. For more scientific application, an SPC statistical and analysts software is also included in the software package. Users can use the software to analyse the measuring result, in order to control the error range and result of the manufacturing. All measuring results can be Output to general office software such as WORD or EXCEL. This allows users to have measurement reports export directly.

SPARTAN series is designed specially for large scale repeated measuring. It is with high speed, high efficiency and powerful function. SPARTAN series especially suits for large-amount in section which requires high speed, high efficiency and high precision. It is a necessary and important equipment within a busy QC line. SPARTAN series uses high precision 00 class granite fixed bridged structure for the bracket, along with high precision work-table, in order to ensure the stability and precision of the machine body as long as the high precision of the measuring. Three axis adopt the Panasonic AC servo motor system, recognized by the whole industry as the most reliable system.

All the moving is controlled by a high speed 32bit DSP controller in order to ensure a reliable high-speed measurement. The software of SPARTAN series has learning function, users just have to measure the work piece manually for once, the software with record the measuring process, this can be used for the repeated measuring. User do not have to write any program and this largely simplify the measuring process.

SPC statistic analysis software is a standard configuration for all Easson Vision Measurement Machinery to allow customers to analyze the measurement results in order to find the error trend in the production flow and have a chance to find problems in the production process on time to make a correction. Easson Vision Measurement software can output results in image file DXF to the popular CAD software, eg, AutoCAD, MasterCAM etc to facility customers to copy the results.



(X/Y)travel(mm):  600*500mm
Resolution: 0.001mm.
X/Y/Z axis accuracy: (3+L/200)um
Repeatability: 2um.
Load bearing: 30Kg
Vision system: Easson high resolution CCD lens (1/2" CCD Senor & special DSP)
Lens: Tele-centric
Enlargement ratio: . Optical 0.7*-4.5*, vision 20*-125*
Working mode: Manual Manual Manual Auto Auto Auto

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