Equipments / Sheet Metal Line

CNC Punching
- AMADA VIPROS 367 QUEEN Punches, Turret

Capacity: 33 TON
Maximum Sheet Thickness: 0.250" MS 0.187" SS
Maximum Sheet Size: 60" X 144" W/ REPOS
Maximum Traverse: 60" X 72"
Maximum Sheet Weight: 265 LBS
Torret Configuration: Thick Turret
No Stations: m45
No Auto Index Stations: 4 - 2 X 1 1/4"- 2 X 2"
MAX. X & Y Feed Speed: 213/164 FT/MIN
Traverse Speed: 3180 IPM

CNC Plasma

- CNC AJAN Cutting Plasma Machine

Electro-welded structure.
Dual side rack, pinion and AC Servo motor on X axis.
Rack, pinion and AC Servomotor on Y axis.
Plasma Generator 100Amper/200Amper - Plasma Generator Precision Plasma 130Amper/260Amper/HP460Amper(2x260Amper)
Multi head oxy fuel cutting possibilities.
Automatic oxy fuel ignition.
Automatic torch height control.
Look ahead for program blocks for the sharp corners. Efficient high speed machining is obtained by not reducing the speed at equal lead in and lead out contours.
Working with standard DIN/ISO G Codes possible.
Possibility of working with .DXF,ESSI and NC toolpath files.
Overriding all parameters while the machine is working possible.
Free AJANCAD Drawing software.
Plasma Mode Switch is done easily through the keyboard.
15 meter/min. cutting speed.
Ventilation system is optional.

CNC Bending
- Baykal Press Brake, Model APHS 3112 x 220

Capacity: 242tonsx10ft.Model: APHS-C 3112x220

• Easy-to-use CNC system with complete bending computations and large tool library
• Ideal for multi-bending of complex forms, as well as for volume production which require constant repeatability
• Bend accuracy and repeatability at least five-fold higher than a conventional press brake
• Fully synchronised Y1-Y2 axes to ± 0.01mm via proportional valves and precision linear scales
• Very fast AC servo backgauge system controlled by CNC
• Euro-style top clamps with intermediaries and (available) quickrelease clamping
• Top tool: sectionalised gooseneck punch
• Bottom tool: sectionalised 4-V die
• High stroke and daylight values
• Extra deep (350/380 mm) throat gap
• Two front arms on linear rail
• Dual footswitch console with emergency stop

• Swiveling pendant arm
• Side and rear safety gates (electrically interlocked and/or light or laser guarded)
• Compactly-wired PLC electrics in ventilated cabinet
• Rigidly welded, monoblock machine frame for minimum deflection under load
• Ram travel fully supported in low friction slideways
• Options for tooling and crowning


- SOMO Bending Machine
Automatic plant for the production of pipes. Power 6000 tons. Bending length 15 m

In Addition to 2 CNC Rolling Machines

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