Equipments / Inspection Machine - Trimos V Plus

Talking about the V Plus means looking at a height measuring instrument of universal use. The new ergonomic and compact design has been well accepted from the industry worldwide. Ease of use and quick performance of all measuring tasks are given by the clearly defined function keys.

The updated measuring system combined with a powerful display unit guarantees high precision and maintains an incomparable self-containment of use in any manufacturing conditions.

The adjustable measuring force of V Plus models between 0.7 N and 1.6 N (0.3 N on request) allows the performance of measurements on components of delicate material.


The result of a modular instrument concept is a complete series with application ranges from 300 mm to 1235 mm at very competitive prices. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to solve all required measuring tasks.
- Perfect for use in the workshop area
- Extremely easy to operate
- Autonomous use with rechargeable battery pack
- Air cushion standard on C version (V PLUS)
- Clear definition of all measuring functions
- Extremely large display of values
- Acceptance of a measured value by acoustic signal
- Direct RS232C data output (bi-directional)
- Adjustable measuring force


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