Our Story

BRF is a High-Tech company based in Nazareth, Israel serving as a leading provider of comprehensive End-to-End integrated outsourcing solutions for OEMs.

BRF designs, develops and manufactures complete packaged products and provides after-market services for its OEM customers.

BRF offers its innovative and integrated technologies of design, development and manufacturing supporting the company´s professional and social vision principles:

- Facilitating and improving customers' level of operations.
- Lowering design, development and production costs.
- Reducing time to market (TTM).
- Social Responsibility.
- Obtain, protect and leverage intellectual property rights to our designs.


The company range of services centers the following domains:

- Machine design for the hi-tech, bio-tech, microelectronics and food industry
- Electronic packaging design, starting from the initial setting, production file and product prototype
- Industrial machine design
- Mechanical guidance and backup ending with current production in short timetables
- Finite Elements Manufacturing Analysis (FEA)
- Computer aided design services (CAD)
- Technical writing (user manual including operational methods, assembly process and test procedures), and brochures
- In-house production

Fields of Specialties

- Products development according to medical and civil standards, designed to meet stern conditions  including opacity.
- Machine design and manufacturing
- Electro-optic packaging, minimization and hardening.
- Systems´ upgrade and lowering production costs.
- Heat transfer and temperature flow troubleshooting in electronic systems.
- Developing PCB enclosures according to worldwide standards like: AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, VME  and others.- Design of 19" racks, computers and others.
- Supporting PCB development process according to worldwide standards like: InfiniBand, PCIExpress and PCI.
- Planning of PCB testing systems.

Key Personnel

Eng. Rabei´ Ibrahim founded the company in 2004 and he acts as its CEO since then. He holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (1996, CUM LAUDE) and a master degree in the same field (2000, CUM LAUDE) from the Technion in Haifa, specializing in machine design, automation and robotics. In addition, Mr. Ibrahim has also performed a retraining to software engineering and held several positions in leading hi-tech and bio-tech companies.